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The smoke from the wildfires is really evident in the background, and we had some nice, golden light to play with for some images. I'm always surprised how quickly the warm, golden light turns into harsh light at altitude (we were right at treeline at 11,500 feet for this image). I tried to use the gold side of a big reflector, but the wind was to strong to keep it in one place for long, and Amanda was a trooper for getting out there. She did a great job.
AMiii (1)AMiii (2)AMiii (3)AMiii (4)AMiii (5)AMiii (6)AMiii (7)AMiii (8)AMiii (9)AMiii (10)Outdoir Amanda-02962Outdoir Amanda-02979Outdoir Amanda-02980Outdoir Amanda-02981Outdoir Amanda-02991Outdoir Amanda-03022Outdoir Amanda-03031Outdoir Amanda-03035Outdoir Amanda-03043Outdoir Amanda-03045