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This is my new project for Summer 2013 - using shorter lenses for portrait photography with wildlife. I'm planning on using my 85mm f/1.4 and 200mm f/2.8 primarily for the project.
Bighorn Ram Portrait-6207-1Marmot Portrait-0201-1Marmot Baby-Standing-0216-1Marmot Momma-Portrait-1413-1Marmot Momma-Standing-1019-1Marmot Momma-Portrait-0246-1Marmot Portrait-0139-1Marmot Portrait-0172-1Marmot-6881-1Mountain Goat Kid-5396-1Mountain Goat Kid-5393-1Big Horn Ewe-5451-1Big Horn Ewe-5463-1Big Horn Ewe-5493-1Billy Goat-8650-1Billy Goat-8704-1Billy Goat-8719-1Billy Goat-8758-1Billy Goat-8825-1Bighorn-3395-1