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I used to identify myself as a wildlife and nature photographer. I've done wildlife for 10 years or more. But I've grown more finicky, I guess, maybe less patient. I want more control of the light, I want to make the images that I want to make. I'm evolving in a different directions. I haven't left wildlife, but it is a smaller piece of my world now.

Nature Work
Arctic Fox-redo-002-3Badgerling-00458Bighorn Ram-4735-2BRF42421 (1620)BRF42421 (1969)Burrowing Owl-0371CHP-CHP-0877-2CHP-0907CHP-Geese-08208CHP-Sunset-08828-CHP-Sunset-08852-CHP926 (1)CHPxx (38)_HDRCoyote-7597-2Coyote-09080Cross Fox-02435Dancing Prairie Dog-3060Floral Macro-05211