One of my favorite things about doing this is when someone says that they're able to see past their perceived imperfections, see their own beauty, and view themselves the way that others view them.  This is all about empowerment and self-acceptance.



"Jay is the most talented photographer I've ever worked with"




"I absolutely love shooting with Jay"



"I would love to do more amazing work with you!"



"Thank you!! You are truly amazing!! I am getting so many compliments. I have actually had people call me and tell me how beautiful these photos are."



"Jay is both very professional and a total sweetheart. I've shot with him a couple of times and he always chooses beautiful locations and allows his models to get the shots they want to see as well as his own. He even bought me lunch after our shoot, AND we saw a fox on our way back from shooting. What could be better??"



"I love working with Jay; very professional and so much fun!"



"It helps me see the things that others can, but I can't always see myself. You truly did that for me, so thank you again!!"



"Always professional and timely and fun! Love shooting with Jay!"



"I truly can't wait to work with you again. You make me look so beautiful!!"



"Jay is such a fantastic artist! I’ve modeled with Jay now a few times and I never fail to get back photos that I absolutely love. His focus on golden lighting and beautiful color-filled skies give anyone (experience or none) a fantastic shoot. Thank you so much for all of the collaboration Jay!"



"I have worked with Jay, and he is the best of the best! I absolutely love the way he works with the lighting. He can manipulate the light to make you look flawless without barely even using any editing process. I would recommend him to anyone, and can't wait to work with him again!!"



"I absolutely love your work!"



"I would love to shoot some boudoir with you!"