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This was from a shoot on private property where we had gained permission from the owner to shoot.
Burrowing Owl-3172Burrowing Owl-3174Burrowing Owl-3176Burrowing Owl-3177Burrowing Owl-3207Burrowing Owl Chicks-2910Burrowing Owl Chicks-2918Burrowing Owl Chicks-2915Burrowing Owl Chicks-2922Burrowing Owl Chicks-2926Burrowing Owl Chicks-2923Burrowing Owl Chicks-2927Burrowing Owl Chicks-2931Burrowing Owl Chicks-2946Burrowing Owl-0002Burrowing Owl-0036Burrowing Owl-0107Burrowing Owl-0141Burrowing Owl-0023Burrowing Owl-0146