Why should you hire me?  There are a LOT of great photographers in this area.  I guess the best answer I have is that, if you like my images, you'd like my images of you..

I like to think that what I do is to help my clients accept themselves, empower themselves, and reflect the beauty that the rest of us see in them, but that they're unable to in themselves.  That's what drives me, that's what makes me want to do this.  I don't care about creating art; I care about people embracing themselves, embracing their flaws, and loving their images.

Want to shoot?  Great!  Me too!  Let's do this.




Most of my location shoots last about an hour.   In that hour, you can do as many wardrobe changes as you want (don't go nuts).  I'll edit images and provide you digital copies for use on social media.  You'll get at least half a dozen images within a few days (usually much quicker than that, and usually more images than that). 



INDOOR/STUDIO SHOOT (2-hour shoot) - $950

While I generally prefer outdoor shoots (I'm a recovering wildlife photographer and climber), I do indoor shoots, either with a Cyclorama wall or in more of a boudoir setting.  Shooting indoors can be a more relaxing (and usually warmer and less windy) experience, and we can be a little more relaxed.  Multiple wardrobe changes are a lot easier.  You'll get at least twenty images within a few day (usually much quicker than that).



Trade  Shoots (1 hour)

I still do some trade shoots (TFP) from time to time, for those with some modeling experience, if we're able to find a mutual theme.  These are generally local outdoor shoots, or you have an indoor location that would work for the theme.  We can rent a studio, but that would be a cost that you would cover.