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We decided to do the Ugly Location thing. Since we were going to be shooting in crowded public locations, I decided to change the gear up a little bit, partly because I didn't want anyone tripping over my light stand, and partly because I didn't want to draw more attention to us than necessary. So, leave the big camera and lights at home, take one small sling bag with the a6300, Metz speedlight, and MagSphere. That may not have been necessary. At my local Lowe's, I asked an employee if it was OK if we did a little photography. I was expecting to be told to get lost. Instead, she said, "Sure, go for it." We shot in the garden center (and since I found signs of owl habitation, I was constantly looking in roof). Inside the store was REALLY crowdy. Then we relocated to Denver West.
In retrospect, I should have just grabbed the a7rii and the AD200 and done it right.