First, I'd like to thank my adventurous models who have helped me in this project. My usual pitch starts out as an "outdoor shoot." If I don't scare them off with that, I elaborate to,"we'll be in a remote location, probably at pretty high altitude, and it's gonna be kinda cold, and probably pretty windy, and you're gonna have to get up really early in the morning so we can catch the best light." The ones that are still on board after that are rock stars!

The initial plan was to call this theme Women with Altitude (because most of the shoots, at least in the summer, were in the mountains, usually far above treeline). I was then calling this "Outdoir," but there were enough other Outdoir things that have nothing to do with this theme (like outdoor furniture), so I dropped it (except, obviously, for this explanation). Then I changed it to Outdoor+Boudoir. Since I'm primarily an Outdoor photographer, and I'm doing more studio and boudoir photography, I was just going to go withOutdoor+Boudoir. I changed it again to Location Glamour. Most recently, I changed it to Location Portraits. We'll see if that sticks. If you can think of a better term, let me know.

You know, I kinda like Women with Altitude - I think I'll go back to that for a while.

BTW, I don't drop in fake skies - this is all in camera natural.
Amanda Mt EvansNikki Mt Evans 9-3-22GraceNikki 8-14NicoleKatStephMelissaNicoleAmanda-RNAmyNikki-CCKat EveningAlyssaBeccaKC WaterfallLizzyMelissa 3Amanda-SVSPMelissaPoppiesKCScheherazadeMaskingKGKat C-c-c-c-coldAshley CHPAJ3Rochelle1AJ2TheresaHarleyRAW-JessKinley-LOMBallerina AshleyKat FarewellAshley&KatKC-rmaCyn 2Nikki 4thCynthiaKandie BridgeKJEmilyKat 135Kandie Wedding DressAmanda SunsetNikkiKandie 2Kat KoldKandieAndreannaNikki Winter ElfKat BelmarKatKat SnowNikki Demon FairyKat-Fall ThemesJenny B.Cloudless KatJennieB Sunset PortraitsJennieB SunsetNikki-BelmarKat Tall GrassKat CHPKat-CloudsKat-Alpine SnowKat KimonoKat-ColdNikki-Green DressAmanda & AndreannaKat-KrumholtzAmanda-CHPNikki-WingsKat with CloudsKat-Alpine SunriseNikki-Alpine ElfKat-Treeline NudesKat-KrumholtzKristina-CHP SunsetNicole-SunriseKat-CHP SunsetNicole-SunsetNikki SEclipse Location GlamourKat Evening ShootAuburn-RAWKat Sloan LakeKat-BAndreannaKat CHP SunriseKat-CHPUgly Location Challenge-KatKat RMAKat IVKat IIIKat IIKatStephanieNicoleAmandaChelsea MarieJennie-IIJennieSister of the MoonVixenLaurenIsa