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We could NOT have timed this better. Jennie generously delayed her move so that we could do 1 more shoot, and the weather gods smiled upon us. And you believe those clouds?
Outdoir Jennie-2Outdoir Jennie-03364Outdoir Jennie-03391Outdoir Jennie-03483Outdoir Jennie-03501Outdoir Jennie-03507Outdoir Jennie-03517Outdoir Jennie-03526Outdoir Jennie-03553Outdoir Jennie-03560Outdoir Jennie-03568Outdoir Jennie-03574Outdoir Jennie-03579Outdoir Jennie-03584Outdoir Jennie-03586Outdoir Jennie-03594Outdoir Jennie-03602Outdoir Jennie-03604Outdoir Jennie-03623Outdoir Jennie-03630